Favourite Poet 1

Favourite Poet  1

Ungainly, the T-shirt the guy’s on is my blue one.
The logo and the slogan – [copied from Boney’m]
Love For sale.   He’s no regard for his age,  how
blatant .
This guy has not added a friend in ten years. Three
who used to be with him left him. He’s alone in the
tea shop.  When he sits,  he always has his knees
crossed.  When he rises,  he has his arms akimbo.
when he is in the mood, he writes poems.  Quite
serious he looks, man.
Not one to be slighted. His peers can be counted
on one hand, he always thinks. Thinks the whole
time. I know this, dear. This sounds something to
laugh at or cry about.
But  he has two steadfast friends  or  comrades.
Three, if you count my wife. Takes money to spend.
If hungry, eats from each another. Can pick a quarrel.
Can laugh it out. Can feel sorry. Has loved art greatly.
Now that ungainly guy is coming across the street.
I’d better finish the poem I am writing.
We quote one another and
That’s enough.

Aung Cheimt                                         July 2005

Translated by Maung Tha Noe

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