the rolling man

like a poem writer rolling floating,
for the sake of piece, a stanza, a line, a word,
they try to love
room peacefully demanding gay laughter, rainbow,
and sleep. Porcelain cool walls
coffee colour warmth window picture
snails, clams, oysters, shelled biological muscles
gush of wind that sends paper kites up into the sky
sudden noises coming out of heart beats in the park
presently searching for one another body parts
enlarged close-up scenes, sounds coming slowly from afar
listen from the mountain ranges
sometimes, occasionally, frequently, almost regularly
interestingly, being accustomed to, used to, habits
carefully, uproarious, faint echoes,
looking as if at a mirror, breaks into and out
into the operating theatre all the time  coming breaths
particular personal odour of internal color inside some vapour
on the grass pushing down to move with great force
slithering power like a boa constrictor’s
with a peaceful quiet sound
calculated obstacles, barriers
oppositions, hindrances
to somewhere safe from these
for the sake of a piece, a stanza,
a line, a word,
rolling one.

Lu Hsan
Translated by Maung Tha Noe

From : written by Lu Hsan

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